Advantage of Zhenchen Copper Industry

Yixing Zhenchen Copper Industry Co.,Ltd. is a experienced seamless non-ferrous tube manufacturer. It serves many industry including electronics, electrics, household appliance, sanitary, automobile, etc..

The main materials include brass, copper, bronze, copper-nickel and aluminum. The company covers the full process of tube manufacturing. Starting from the raw material smelting, which ensure the each chemical element composition of raw material.

The company focus not only on intrinsic quality of raw material but also on all the other parameters.


▪ Outside diameter
The minimum dimension can reach 0.8mm. The tolerance can be +/-0.01mm.
▪ Wall thickness
The minimum dimension can reach 0.08mm. The tolerance can be +/-0.005mm.
▪ Length
Standard length can be provided, also can cut to defined length according the requirement from customer, the tolerance can be +/-0.05mm.
▪ Material condition
All the mechanical properties can follow each international standard, including tensile strength, elongation, hardness, etc.. Besides, the special requirement from each customer can be achieved by customizing.

The company provide wide range for its tubes. Besides, it is one of the biggest producer for capillary tube which provide the straight tube but also the tube in coil. The advanced manufacturing process can better ensure the dimensional consistency. Even more, the tube in coil will give more possibility for the continuous automatic manufacturing at the customer side.

Post time: Dec-12-2022